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Contact us to request any information on any of our additional services

We provide Private palliative care homecare packages for anyone who would like individualised care that is professionally supervised. 

Advance care planning is a conversation that enables a patient to make plans and document future health care preferences.  The plan provides a clear direction for healthcare professionals when a person is not able to communicate their healthcare choices.

Our team ensures that patients' symptoms experienced are optimally addressed by available medication through clinical symptom management, adjusting doses, frequency, and the medication when indicated. 

Taking medication every day becomes a burden for many patients on ARV’s.  We monitor the adherence of medication and develop a support care plan and structure to facilitate adherence and manage side-effects.

Addressing the high incidence of TB in our community is the responsibility of all health care professionals.  We provide TB screening, medication adherence support, and TB prevention and awareness training.

We run training and palliative care workshops,  providing the tools and knowledge of palliative care and clinical principles to medical professionals.

Contact us if you are interested in Palliative care training.

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