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Our method to Palliative care

Patients are referred to us by a doctor through a referral form. Within 24h our interdisciplinary team do a medical/nursing and psychosocial assessment to develop a Holistic Palliative Care Plan.


Each Care Plan is tailor made to the patient and their needs. This plan is turned into a set of actions that are implemented by our interdisciplinary team to address the identified problem symptoms of the patient.


Using this method we deliver Quality Palliative Care enabling our patients and their families to experience quality in life and dignity in death and support into the bereavement period.

Our interdisciplinary team

At Drakenstein Palliative Hospice the Patient is the head of our team. We work with professionals across all disciplines and expertise to provide our patients with access to holistic palliative care.

We employ Palliative Care trained professional nurses and social workers.  In 2004 we trained 25 palliative care home based caregivers to expand and support the work. We provide a free care service to an average of 250 patients per month.

Meet our management team


Elizabeth Scrimgeour


Elizabeth is a Palliative Professional Nurse; with specialisations in Midwifery, Oncology, and Psychiatry.


She has a BA Hons in Psychology and MTh in pastoral narrative therapy.  Elizabeth represents Western Cape on the HPCA Board, and is the chairperson of the Ethics Committee and a palliative care advocate.

Kitty Jordaan



Justine is a Palliative Social Worker with a Masters Degree in Social Work.  She has a special affinity with children and is skilled in advanced care planning.  Justine is also a skilled trainer in palliative care and SAW’s. 

Justine Goliath

Kitty Jordaan.jpg


Kitty is a Palliative Professional Nurse with a BA Degree in Palliative Nursing and a diploma in Occupational Therapy.

She has a special skill in training and many years of experience in training home-based carers and professional staff. 

Annelise .jpg


Annelise Niemand

Annelise has 15 years of experience in bookkeeping and is proficient in multiple financial management programmes. 


She also has experience in human resources,  catering, and marketing.

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