Drakenstein Palliative Hospice has been delivering a home care service in the Drakenstein District since 1991… this is what we do best.

Old age homes and frail care centres are full, hospitals are expensive and often very impersonal. People usually prefer to stay in their own homes but may not be able to look after themselves. Often family members worry about their elderly parents. Do they have enough to eat?  Do they need company or are they able to wash themselves?

DPH decided to create a win-win situation. We will facilitate the home care, beyond the free service; in turn this will help to fund the free palliative care service to the community.

Please contact DPH to discuss your individual needs and we will negotiate a package deal for your requirements. The caregivers are supervised by our professional interdisciplinary team and the patient care administrator will ensure that a caregiver is available as per request.

Private Practice No: 079 000 7900015

Some medical aids will support this care.

The private homecare need is growing in the community and we have the skills to help.  Medical aids have acknowledged that palliative care is an essential service and there are patients who can afford additional professionally supervised homecare beyond what our free service can provide.  We have appointed a professional nurse to supervise community caregivers to care for patients in their homes; this does not however exclude the free palliative care service when indicated.  All income from the private homecare service is used to support the free service.

Sr Maxie Marais says: ‘I am really appreciative of the generosity (hartlikheid) I receive from the patients and their families as they welcome me into their homes; it feels as though I become a friend.  The shared trust and respect is very heart warming, it makes me smile.  I am sometimes amazed at the lack of understanding people have as to the hospice scope of work, many people think that we only look after cancer patients, but it is certainly not so.  I am very confident that we deliver a quality service in the home as I always have the team to consult with who support me and the carers in our role.  It is comforting to know that we have the knowledge and skills to provide good home care’.