HESP Workshop 12-10-11 001 HESP Workshop 12-10-11 002 HESP Workshop 12-10-11 004 Partners gather for Aids Day Petals of Hope on Berg River Rembering Siyakhana Partnership


Partnerships are one of our 4 strategic objectives therefore we take it very seriously and the Board CEO feedback contains a report on networking and partnerships.

  • WC-HPCA (Western Cape Hospice Palliative Care Association) the DPH CEO is chairperson and a member of the National Hospice Board
  • DPH is an active member of the Drakenstein Health and Wellness Forum
  • DPH is a co-founder of the Drakenstein Service forum which has been active for 5 years
  • DPH has an MOU with MCMiqlat, a local NGO, and share resources and expertise on maths and reading, programme management, food security and recreational (sport) activities
  • DPH has an MOU with Koinonia Community Centre and partner with regard to the peer education programme and training
  • DPH partners with Khula (NGO) with regard to out of school youth
  • DPH also partners with BePartYuluntho regarding outreach to vulnerable children
  • DPH partners with Wagon of Hope regarding HIV counselling and testing
  • DPH partners with the Drakenstein Department of Correctional Services with regard to palliative care in the correctional facility
  • DPH partners with Siyakhana for the annual Spring Walk
  • DPH partners with the Department of Health and the clinics to deliver a comprehensive HBC service in the Drakenstein District