Palliative Care Capacity Statement August 2016

What is Palliative Home Care?

  • Active symptom management of the holistic needs of patients and families infected and affected by life threatening illness or life limiting conditions
  • Patients and families being supported and empowered to provide care
  • The community having access to quality professional care in their homes

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Our Palliative Service

  • Patient centered care
  • Active Symptom management
  • Individual care plans
  • Interdisciplinary team approach
  • Home Based Care Service
  • Prof  approach and supervision
  • Social Work interventions
  • Bereavement support
  • Training
  • Mentorship


Admission criteria

We do not have an in-patient unit; all the care given, is home based.

1. Patients with an incurable illness

Cancer, Aids, terminal diabetes, terminal CVA, congestive cardiac failure, motor neuron disease, etc., requiring holistic palliative care: physical (active symptom management), emotional, cultural, social, intellectual and spiritual care.

2. HIV/AIDS patients

  • Patients who have HIV Stage 4 and need active symptom management
  • All HIV patients with cancer
  • All paediatric patients with HIV
  • Patients with a CD4 count below 200, who do not qualify for anti-retrovirals
  • Patients with a CD4 count below 200, newly put on anti-retrovirals, with additional (psycho-social or physical) reasons to monitor side effects and adherence.

3. Category 3 patients

  • According to the HBC referral protocol based on the physical needs of patients who are non-ambulant.
  • Children and Supportive Care
  • Children with a life threatening illness.
  • Children of patients.
  • Community vulnerable children


April 2017 free palliative care statistics:

  • 253 patients in their homes
  • 27    sick children
  • 128 patients with cancer; 
  • 38 HIV patients and
  • 87 with other chronic illnesses

The Interdisciplinary Care Team

  • 4 professional nurses
  • 2 social workers and 2 social auxiliary workers
  • A staff nurse
  • Part-time Doctor
  • 18 community caregivers and private part-time caregivers