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Donate, don’t dump; support the Hospice Shops

Come and browse for wonderful bargains; a treasure trove of surprises… just around the corner at the Hospice Shops in Paarl and Wellington.
The hospice shops are a very important part of generating funds to continue with hospice functions. These funds support fuel costs, maintenance, salaries and administration not covered by project funders.

The shops sell clothes, bric-a-brac, books, shoes and all sorts of goods at a reasonable price to the community. Help us to help people to help themselves, please support our shops. Come and browse – we have a treasure trove of surprises for everyone.

The Hospice shops provide free clothing to The FullcircleMCMiqlat initiative which sells coupons to donate to the homeless or poor to exchange for clothes or food. Help us to continue providing free clothes in exchange for a coupon. Anything that fits into the shops will be sold.